Sleek Designed Shirt Wear the Collar Up, or Leave it Down

Sleek Designed Shirt Wear the Collar Up, or Leave it Down

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coLLo appareL created the perfect shirt—and now it's time for you to wear it. Toss on the sleek designed UpDown shirt for a cool, contemporary style.  Did we mention they feel like they weigh nothing—because they do? Sleek Designed Shirt Wear the Collar Up, or Leave it Down  

The coLLo apparel UpDown shirt is just one of the best things about wearing a collared shirt, but it takes it to another level. Not only does it protect your neck, but it makes you look stylish and confident. We found that people are more attracted to wearing this style — even if they didn't usually think of themselves as stylish.

The UpDown Collar® is the perfect addition to your wardrobe, whether you are getting ready to go outside for fun like playing golf or attending a... party. It's a little bit of everything: performance, style, comfort and protection. Whether you're walking the dogs and not wanting to bug out or trying to look slick while hitting the clubs, you'll find this style will complement all occasions. You'll feel right at home while doing something casual or working from home or an office setting. https://colloapparel.com/collections/up-down-shirt

UpDOWN is a custom collar made by coLLo appareL. coLLo is a clothing brand that specializes in custom, high-quality polos and hats. Our shirts begin with our signature fabrics upgrades–UV50+ woven in sun protection, Eco-Friendly made from water bottles, 4 way stretch for movement, and quick-dry wicking moisture. The process tightly controls where and how the shirt will fit and follow the unique cut of each individual's body. Our premium quality shirts are available in men's sizes from S to 2X. Each polo shirt comes embroidered with a unique coLLo design, using high-quality materials that make for comfortable wear day or night or day in and day out.

 The coLLo UpDOWN Collar is a revolutionary new shirt in the apparel industry that will take the fashion world by storm. This unique style instantly transforms your polo into a tailored piece that features our patent-pending design. UpDOWN Collars are exclusive designs featuring our patented fabric and technology to create progressively softer materials. https://colloapparel.com/collections/latest

UpDown Collar is a revolutionary shirt that transforms your everyday wear into something custom and unstoppable. Our unique top features a sleek design that allows for customization of the collar without changing the look of your shirt—using our unique technology, which gives you the option of creating different styles and looks to express your style and creativity while on the go. Slip on our performance shirts for a new look every time you put them on. https://colloapparel.com/pages/story

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