The 5 Worst Things People Do to Their Skin

The 5 Worst Things People Do to Their Skin

Tom coLLo
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The skin is the largest organ of the body and requires a high level of care to maintain its texture and appearance. Unfortunately, many different habits and practices can cause damage to the skin, such as making wrinkles and sun spots develop. Here are a few of the worst things that people do to their skin and what you should avoid.

Leaving Makeup On

It may seem harmless to go to bed without removing your makeup, but the pores can quickly become clogged and won't be able to breathe. Failing to take your makeup off can gradually lead to wrinkles due to a lack of moisture on the skin. It's important to thoroughly wash the face before applying a serum or oil to the face and neck each night.


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Taking Drugs

Many people are unaware of how much of a harmful impact different types of drugs can have on the skin. Opioid use can cause acne or lesions, which can lead to permanent scarring. Drug abuse can also lead to skin picking, which is common with heroin and meth due to restlessness and crawling sensations. Detoxing can also cause skin picking to develop, which may be treated with behavioral modification training. It's important to avoid taking drugs and to only use prescribed medications under the supervision of a medical professional.


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Smoking breaks down the elastic fibers in the skin, which can cause the complexion to have a yellow tone to it. Smoking cigarettes or using tobacco can also rev up the enzymes that are responsible for breaking down collagen, which can cause the skin to feel rough and dry. Fortunately, the skin can begin to improve just two weeks after you stop smoking.


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Lacking Sleep

Failing to get enough sleep each night can show up on your skin via wrinkles that begin to form. It can also affect the moisture levels of the skin and can cause it to sag over time. Redness and breakouts can also start to occur due to a lack of rest and higher stress levels when the body is consistently fatigued.


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Not Covering Up Enough

Spending time in the sun is a common way for skin damage to occur when you're exposed to harmful UV rays. Exposure to UV rays can lead to melanoma and sun spots, making it necessary to protect the skin by covering up. Make it a point to wear a hat with a wide brim to cover your face and neck. Wear UV apparel that blocks the rays while spending time outdoors. It's also necessary to apply sunblock to areas of the skin that are exposed with SPF of 30 for proper coverage.

Knowing how to protect your skin is necessary to ensure that you can feel confident and that you can reduce the signs of aging over time. By staying out of the sun and by having proper nutrition, you can improve the quality of your skin and allow it to look vibrant.

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