Does my shirt give me enough protection from the sun?

 Does my shirt give me enough protection from the sun?
Let’s jump right into answering the question this post poses: Does your shirt give you enough protection from the sun?
It depends on what you mean by “enough.” If by “enough” you mean near-complete protection from the sun, then the answer is a resounding “No.”
Sure, wearing a shirt offers some protection, but you could still get a sunburn if your shirt doesn’t have a high UPF.
Ever heard of UPF? It stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, and it’s crucial to keep in mind if you want to avoid getting a sunburn.
The Skin Cancer Foundation says UPF “indicates how much UV radiation (both UVB and UVA) a fabric allows to reach your skin.” So if a shirt has a low UPF, you’re more likely to get burned.
The average all-cotton polo has a low UPF (5). Unfortunately, this means it only blocks 80% of UV rays.
Our polos have a high UPF (50+). This means each coLLo polo blocks at least 98% of UV rays.
An 18% difference may not sound like much, but when it comes to stuff that matters (like taking care of your skin), it’s a lot. Why put yourself at a greater risk of sun damage if you don’t have to?
Our shirts offer the kind of protection you only get by either staying inside at all times or wearing very strong sunscreen.
Here’s the good news if you don’t like applying sunscreen: The Cleveland Clinic says that a UPF 50+ shirt (like ours) actually works better at protecting your skin than the average sun lotion.
Spending a few seconds to put on a comfortable shirt is much better than spending a minute or more basting yourself like a turkey in slimy sun lotion. You won’t get that kind of protection with the average run-of-the-mill polo.
All that’s well and good for folks who have a fair skin tone, but does protecting your skin from sun damage matter if you don’t burn easily? Absolutely!
Because protecting your skin from the sun isn’t just about avoiding sunburns.
When you prevent UV rays from reaching your skin, you’re guarding against the sun’s aging
effects (i.e., wrinkles). This helps you avoid having a leatherneck look for as long as possible.
If you’re lucky enough to reach old age, you’ll eventually get wrinkles. But that doesn’t mean you have to rush the process of forming wrinkles by wearing lackluster shirts that only “kind of” keep UV rays off your skin.

We have the solution: Our UPF 50+ polos can help you fight the “leatherneck” look while keeping your skin safe. Click here to browse our stylish selection.


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