The Secret to Younger Skin: Less Screen Time?

The Secret to Younger Skin: Less Screen Time?
At coLLo there's nothing we love to do more than find new ways to get outside, get active
and have everyone enjoying life. You'll find us out on the course in all weathers because it
makes us feel great; but we also do it the right way. But before we get onto that, just think
about this...
It used to be that when you thought about skincare, it would all be about what you ate and
drank, what you put on your skin and how you looked after it in the sun. But nowadays
there's a little more to it than that. Nowadays you have to think about what you're looking
at in the first place.
Screen time is what we're talking about here folks, and it's something that has a much big
ger impact on your skin than you probably realize. If you analyze the light that's coming off
your tablet, phone and laptop screen, you'll find that it's really rich in blue light (UV). This is
great for producing crystal clear color separation and high resolution, but not so great for
your skin.
The problem is that the energy and frequency of all that blue light is perfect for aging your
skin. It basically wears it out and causes it to lose that natural youth and vitality that you
love to look at every time you take a look in the mirror. And because you're unwittingly ex
posing yourself to it night and day, the cumulative effect can be really significant.
It's why we sat down, started thinking and decided on a new way we could make a real dif
ference to the world. By starting our very own anti-aging drive, we want to connect you
with new products, lifestyle choices and bright ideas that will put the youthful glow and vi
tality back into your skin.
Our coLLo products are designed to shield your neck from the beating sun when you are
outside trying to perfect your swing. And little words of wisdom like this blog are designed
to help make a few subtle lifestyle shifts and changes that your skin will thank you for be
fore you know it.
When you add them all together you have our anti-aging drive, and we want you to be a
part of it so you can really make your skin smile.

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