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No matter what sort of things you enjoy, clothes are an essential part of it. Whether you're playing sports or working or just a person who likes wearing nice things, knowing how to style your clothes can be essential. Let coLLo try and help you with monthly guest designer tips from all around the world.


Advantages of coLLo appareL

Skin + Style

The newly designed UpDOWN patent-pending coLLar. The first hybrid coLLar. Wear it Up or wear it DOWN. A very fashionable look with the bonus of protecting against a painful sunburned neck. Save your skin with style.

Advantages of coLLo appareL

Features: Patented woven in UPF 50+ sun protection. 4-Way stretch. Eco-Friendly fabric. Quick-Dry property
Advantages: With Quick-Drying fabric, you get more relaxed, drier comfort on the course. You stay cooler and drier with coLLo's moisture-wicking fabric. You'll also stay protected from the sun, thanks to a UPF 50+ rating.
Benefits: 4-Way stretch that moves with you through the day for increased comfort. It will help keep your skin nice and healthy.


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Made in the USA

  • Our new women's polo shirts (coming soon) are made in the USA.
  • Our UpDOWN coLLars are made in the USA
  • Our products are assembled in the USA

25 Total Savings

Total 25% is the total percentage you will save by joining our email list. In addition to the 15% off our online store, you will also receive a code with for an extra 10% off. A total savings of 25%! And as an added bonus you will receive free shipping and a small gift as a thank you.

Easy care

Made with premium recycled polyester. Not too much caring for the shirt, just wear and tear the day up! Our coLLo polo shirts will hold their shape whether worn by a weekend warrior or take a tumble in the washing machine. They are incredibly versatile and can be anyone.

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