Hear what our customers have to say!

Keith Regalbuti

Collo Apparel hit it down the middle with regards to providing top notch golf shirts for our Blockchain summit at Pebble Beach this past September. All golfers at the event received a Collo golf polo that was the highlight of the event and made people feel like a pro with our logos placed perfectly by Collo. The larger collar makes it stylish under a windbreaker, pull-over, or sweater and the quality is bar none as the shirts stay dry and have SPF protection. I look forward to purchasing more Collo Apparel for my future events and personal golf wardrobe.

Chris Ferrara

I wore my new shirt on Saturday it held up great. We were playing in Central VA on a sun-soaked day in 80-degree temperature and my shirt was bone dry. Thank you and I will definitely be buying a couple of more shirts in the near future.

JJ Qualkenbush
Elite Instruction Coach

I have been wearing my CoLLo clothing in competition for a while now. Not only does it look good but I am also able to feel secure that Im keeping my skin protected at times. The long sleeves are extremely comfortable to wear and they do not get hot despite living in 100+ degree weather.

Wes Bolyard
Prominent golf writer

Feel, comfort, sun protection and style are the foremost thoughts that come to my mind. Living in Arizona, I need the sun protection and moisture evaporation afforded by your shirt. The larger coLLar also helps protect my neck. This is probably one of the most comfortable shirts I have ever worn for golf, giving me great flexibility throughout my swing. Thank you for creating this product for golfers to enjoy.

Mark Reid
Golf School

I have been wearing my new Collo shirts for a few weeks and I can't believe how amazing they are. They look sharp, feel cool on the skin, don't show sweat and its great to know I am being protected with 50 UPF sunblock. I had to regular shirt one day, it felt warm and sticky but more importantly, I could feel the sun burning my neck. I love the high collar, this shirt should be mandatory for people who work outdoors and want to stay protected.

Mark Reynolds
Publisher Member, California Golf Writers Association

I didn’t wash my shirt after my round at La Quinta because I was on vacation… and then I wore it again at Ft. Washington in the tournament the day after I got home. After two rounds, my shirt had no issues whatsoever! ;) Exceptional protection and comfortable polo! I will be ordering more!!