About Us

We’re proud to not only offer high-end fashion shirts with built-in sunblocking technology but also shirts that are environmentally friendly. By combining recycled fabric with sun protection, we’ve created the first all-around “Ecohealthy” shirt” that helps both the environment and the people wearing it.”

Every coLLo men’s shirt features a patent-pending collar design that is extra high, especially around the back of the neck. This is a part of your body that receives some of the most intense exposure to the sun’s burning rays. Also, the coLLo coLLar™ is structured with internal collar stays to assure that it does not collapse and get “floppy” while you play a round of golf or a night out with friends. The coLLar has a fashionable “retro” look to it that looks great with blue jeans. At the same time, the soft, stretchable fabric used in every coLLo coLLar assures that your neck will stay cool, dry, and comfortable, which is excellent for wherever the day takes you.