New Polos In Stock

New Princeville athletic fit polos now in stock at our online store.

Made of Eco-Friendly Materials

Each shirt is made from low impact dyes that require less water to rinse and contain no heavy metals and eco-friendly fabrics made from recycled materials of more than 15 plastic bottles.

We have got your back

And your front, your shoulders, and neck too. Learn about how our patent-pending coLLo collar helps protect you where you need it most.

Why Sun Protection Matters

Prolonged exposure to bright sunlight and sun transmitted through cloud cover can result in sunburns and premature aging. Worse, the effects of the sun are cumulative and irreversible.

All The Fun + Sun Protection


The unique solar blocking structure protects you from the sun’s harmful rays


Every coLLo golf shirt offers maximum sun protection with UPF 50+ sun blocking


Keep your cool on the course with our breathable, moisture wicking shirt fabrics


Each shirt is made from 15 environmentally friendly recycled plastic bottles.

Tailored for Performance

coLLo Apparel

Golf Withhout Worries™

coLLo Apparel offers a fresh take on golf, activewear, and sun protective clothing. Breathable and lightweight coLLo was created out of necessity. A love of golf and the outdoors can do some serious damage to your skin and specifically the back of the neck. The sleek and stylish design of a coLLo collar allows you to enjoy the sun and protect your neck.
Functionally it’s pretty amazing. You don’t have to worry about slathering most of your neck in sunscreen the whole round. Stylistically, some might think it appears a bit large. But there’s no question that it gets the job