General FAQ

What are the benefits of buying recycled fabrics?

What are the environmental issues with water bottles?

How are your shirts fitted?

Who is coLLo™?

What does the name “coLLo” mean?

Why do you spell coLLo the way that you do?

When was coLLo founded?

Where is coLLo based?

What makes your company’s products unique?

Where are coLLo golf shirts sold?

Why is coLLo focused on sun protection?

How can I be sure that coLLo golf shirts will protect me from the sun?

What makes coLLo men’s golf shirts so comfortable?

What is so special about your coLLo coLLar™?

Why does sun protection matter? Can’t I wear any golf shirt?

What does UPF mean? And why is a UPF 50+ rating important?

Are your products patented?

Does coLLo make women’s apparel?

Sun Protection FAQ

Why is UV sun protection important?

What is Sun Protection clothing? Why shouldn’t I just stick to my usual sunscreen?

What is the difference between SPF and UPF sun protection rating scales?

What sun protection level (UPF) is right for me?

How much sun protection is available in ‘regular’ clothing?

I have darker skin and I tan easily. Am I safe from skin cancer?

Business with coLLo

I represent a golf pro shop, or a resort, or a sporting goods retailer. How can I do business with coLLo?

I am a sales representative. How can I do business with coLLo?

I am a vendor of products or services. How can I do business with coLLo?

I have a great idea for coLLo. How can I submit it to you?

Contacting coLLo

I didn’t find an answer to my question on this website. How can I learn more?

How can I contact someone at coLLo?

I’m a journalist. How can I arrange an interview with you?