How to Style Your coLLo coLLar

How to Style Your coLLo coLLar
When it comes to styling your coLLo collar, remember a few key things. First, you can wear the coLLo coLLar Up or Down. Contrary to popular belief, it is better to have a combination of two characteristics you can choose from.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right coLLo coLLar look for your next outing.

Wearing the coLLo coLLar Up is an excellent option if you want to protect your neck from UV rays. The stylish anti-aging coLLo coLLar creates a dramatic, bold look, so it's also suitable for indoor events. If you like a modern look wearing it Up is best suited for you. With the added benefit of protection from the sun, wearing the coLLo coLLar Up is very popular with our staff and friends. If you like wearing the coLLar down, that works too; we called that the skinny coLLo coLLar.

Whether you prefer the high-profile or low-profile look, the coLLo coLLar can always be adjusted by you on the go.

It's nice to have options that allow you to make your day a little more unique. It's why the patented coLLo coLLar is the best in the world. It's very functional plus fashionable. In addition, it's one accessory that produces two different yet unique coLLar styles.

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